Water to Drink Out of Health

As is known to all, water is the main substance makes human body tissue in the body of water, the main effect is metabolism, drinking is not needed to provide human nutrition. Nature may contain a certain amount of mineral water, but its contribution to the human body needs of material is negligible.

According to insiders revealed, in order to maintain the balance inside the body, human need daily gain of trace elements, its main derived from food. While most of the element is cannot be water body directly. Because only living plants can absorb and utilization of soil from inorganic minerals. The transfer of organic compounds, plants and animals can be absorbed by human body. Almost nobody can from inorganic mineral absorb nutrition, nobody can effectively use inorganic minerals into the body. For example, in daily life, if the body was found, lack of calcium intake of calcium from milk or get them, HuoXingGai (organic calcium). 

Now even water contains a lot of calcium is useless. Intake of body without being absorbed through the physical body organs liver, kidneys, etc, thus make body eduction spoils device under extra burden. So in the United States, Europe, and other regions, where the medical advocate cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart disease, kidney disease, should be drinking water etc. Thus, the water in the western pop up why.

Along with the development of human beings and the environment is a serious pollution, pollutants by air, water, food and other ways to enter the body. After entering human body pollutant, all sorts of impurities, will quickly spread into one body, so it can be tolerant of useless, and then eliminated from the body. Water to drink, also can not only be born after heating. 

People like drinking tea with water, mineral water, tea and tea produced ChaXiu attached material. If a clean glasses, by making a cup of tea, tea color obvious place overnight, will pour out water, BeiBi appears on a brown. With pure water, tea and tea bright, even put night still like tea and tea just as there is not ChaXiu cup, Japanese tea ceremony, who had the best tea water clean, should choose water, mineral content can be tasted of the integrity of tea aroma.

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