To Save Lots of A Teeth or Get An Implant?

Teeth endure a great deal in our lives. For some people, the teeth are subjected to some extreme conditions and that is why they fall out, break, decay and whatever else you can think of. They operate in conditions where temps range from extremely hot to freezing. They are coming into contact with acid solution on a regular basis. They are always surrounded by bacteria and regularly handle forces of up to 150 pounds forever inch. The interesting bit is that they are expected to be in operation for a period of about least seventy years. If you were a tooth, you would probably want to quit your job before those years are done. There are no pension benefits to look forward to in any case.

To Save Lots of A Teeth or Get An Implant?

Luckily, there are ways to keep those teeth that are about to fall off working as excellently as they were when you were still young. Have you come across elderly people in their eighties and nineties who has not lost their tooth? They are very much there. What is the secret? They take good care of their teeth. You are probably wondering what you should do with that tooth that is causing you headaches all the time. You have two options- to save the teeth or get an implant.

Saving the tooth

Normally, this is a good option when the tooth is not damaged extensively. It could be decaying but it is not everything that advanced. Your dentist will recommend that you save the tooth and this is best done by the use of root canal therapy. There is nothing at all funny or easy about the main canal. However, if you are in pain because of teeth decay or awareness, then you will most surely appreciate the comfort that the treatment is going to bring.

Root canal therapy is not anything new to many people. It has proven to be among the most effective options for retaining teeth that have been damaged by decay or some other structural issues that influence the tissue in the pulp cavity. Typically, a small opening is going to be made on the surface of the tooth to access the interior of the tooth. The diseased pulp tissues are then flushed out, cleaned and disinfected. The interior of the teeth is then sealed to prevent re-infection.

Dental implantation

You will find cases when the tooth is extensively damaged and the only way to fix it is by removing the tooth. This means that you will have lacking teeth, right? You can have it replaced by using a dental implant. However, implants can be a bit too costly sometimes. As such, dental health experts always recommend their patients to go for the main canal instead

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