List of Foods to Not Eat

List of Foods to Not Eat

It is obvious that overeating can result in building up fat on the body, but there are a few foods which are likely to put that fat on you more than others. This kind of foods is mostly total fat, high calories, sodium, carbohydrates, and sugar.

Here is the list:

Mashed Potatoes – If added with cream and butter makes 200 calories for one ½ cup serving.

Candy – This is loaded with sugar and bad fats. Treats which are baked like doughnuts, cakes, and sweet rolls. The carbohydrates and sugar in it are high aside from its calories soaring high.

Frozen goodies – Like ice cream is high in calorie, fat, and sugar.

Potato chips – Eating potato chips means taking in the most fat in it. These are having too much of fat, sugar, and sodium. Also, a lot of calories are stored in it along with its artificial flavor and preservatives. Preservatives are a big NO for you.

Processed Meats – Taking in processed meats with the likes of sausages, lunch meats and hotdogs. These do have a superior content of bad fats, along with sodium.

Fastfood – Since we love to eat and visit fast food areas eating foods like french fries, nachos, and hamburgers have high-fat content which is extremely not good and hardly any healthy ingredients.

Fried food – When you fry or deep fry your food it is a known fact that it isn’t healthy and it is nonetheless bad for you. These food types are generally quite high in fat especially when breaded it gives you a high amount of carbohydrates.

Soda Drinks – Drinking soda is not a good option since it is loaded with calories, sugar, and sodium and has no nutrients and vitamins whatsoever.

High Sugar Cereals – Typically high in sugar and carbs. This raises your blood sugar and holds fat.

Dairy – Although calcium in milk will work for you, whole milk does have a fat content to it, that may add fat to your own body. Use a fat-free milk or a reduced fat milk.

Gravy – Gravy is such a delicious pair when frying and kids love this as well but be aware that this has scary levels of fat and carbohydrates and is quite high in calories.

Bread – Many of us love to eat bread but be warned that if this is made from a refined flour it is high in fat and carbohydrates. Try instead to eat the ones with whole grains.

Sour cream – Though having to eat sour cream may be good for you but taking this may also add up to your fat so always have the ones that are fat-free.

Mayonnaise – A typical mayonnaise will have much fat on it, use the light or fat-free version of it.

Gourmet Coffee – Do you have an idea that when taking in a Brownie Frappuccino gives you as high as 39 grams fat? So be careful and always be vigilant.

The list should serve as a guide on creating your diet plan that you may use regularly to achieve that dream weight. This should not be used as a strategy on how to lose weight fast method but a tool to help you work on your weight loss

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